• Cyber Security Consulting

    The most critical aspect of defending your data and infrastructure. If someone can log in as your users/admins, it is game over and we can prevent that.

  • Penetration Testing​

    Breach simulation is an integral part of every Information Security Program. My customers can rely on me to support them in the initiation, execution, and conclusion of a Penetration Test.

  • Vulnerability Assessment

    Enhance your IT Security Program with a vulnerability assessment. We help you discover the weaknesses in your defenses proactively before someone else does.

  • Advanced Attack Mitigation

    I check for mitigation controls for 17 types of cyber attacks: account compromise, unauthorized access, ransomware, network intrusions, malware infections, sabotage, security policy violations, and more.

  • Secure IT Infrastructure

    Your servers, network devices, databases, document management systems, and other IT elements all need to be protected.

  • Security Awareness Training

    I will help your team understand why certain emails and links are dangerous, the concept of operational security and the ways hackers might take advantage of their desire to help.

  • Email & Communication  Security

    Getting access to a corporate account may grant a hacker access to all internal systems. I protect my customers by implementing secure authentication, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality.

  • Password & Access Management

    I help companies manage passwords and access them securely. Your employees will stop reusing simple passwords, which will make it harder for hackers to steal corporate credentials and you will know who has access to what and why, at any time.

  • Security Policies and Procedures

    Policies and Procedures are the governing laws of a company's business. The ones I create are living and breathing documents bringing order and structure to my customers' security practices.

  • Security Monitoring​

    You should be able to detect any unauthorized access anywhere in your network, be it a malicious insider or an outside hacker. I will help you build the necessary security monitoring to achieve that.

  • Secure Remote Access​

    Secure Work From Home is one aspect of remote access, but I also take care of third party partners, and outsourced employees, vendors, and guests. Remote access to data is not limited to VPN.

  • Plus Much More​

    Every Information Security Program I build and execute for my clients is different. Their teams, infrastructure, applications used, and business objectives are different, and I often customize my services to serve them better.

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